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There is one in each of the following locations. Near the entrance from Hyrule Field, near the archway leading to the graveyard, near the exit to Death Mountain, IN a crate between a house and the bottom of the largest single staircase in the village (like the first person said), near the well, on a ledge NEAR (not in) the Spider House (you need to use another chicken to fly to this one), in the fenced off area near the Windmill (fly a chicken here, too and throw the chicken you used and the one found here over the fence), and go up the ladder in that area and you'll get the last one.

  1. Near the tree at the main entrance to the village.
  2. Inside the crate next to the house that's next to the steps, left of the village entrance.
  3. In front of the skulltula house's ledge. You can try shooting it with your slingshot or a deku nut and he might fall off. But, if that doesn't work, see #4 for a tip on how to get it.
  4. Near the gate to Death Mountain, you can use it to run across the rooftop of the house by the watchtower then fly over to the high ledge near the Skulltula house.
  5. At the other side of the fence left to the well. See #6 for a tip on how to get it.
  6. Take the Cucco in front of the coop (near the Graveyard entrance) then climb the stairs towards the windmill. Keep going and try to jump diagonally, if you do this correctly you will be standing on the fence on the other side (may take several tries). Throw Cuccos over the fence, do not come out yet!
  7. Next to the windmill, if you look around there is a ladder nearby that will help you climb.

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