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Free apps! This walkthrough of A Shadow from the Past in Sly 2: Band of Thieves will reintroduce you to Sly and the gang, as they pull another daring caper, this one at a museum. Not everything goes according to plan, of course, and you'll have to make a quick getaway, escaping into the next level, Disco Demolition.

Sly Cooper's second adventure starts the same way as the first, with Sly and Bentley discussing the coming score. This time, both Sly and Bentley will be active participants in the heist. You'll start out using Sly, and hopping and running along the massive skeleton of the whale. On the far side, hit the switch, and Bentley will arrive on your level. After he's reprogrammed the security system, and opened up the gate, you'll be able to move through. Head down the hallway, smashing objects to gain coins. When you get to the balcony, you'll get another briefing from Bentley, who will warn you of the guards below. Avoid them by running along the ropes leading ahead.When you reach the next balcony, head inside, smash the place up, and approach the gate here to meet up with Murray. He'll lift up the gate for you, allowing you to move through. Murray will then chuck a statue through the gate far up ahead. Now run across the next rope, into the building, and a cutscene, in which you'll meet an old nemesis.She's as bent on your imprisonment as ever, so you'll need to run away, dodging her paralyzing blasts. She'll follow you through the hallways, then outside. Run along the rope here, to the neighboring building. Keep running and jumping along your improvised escape route, dodging Fox's blasts, until you make it to the getaway van, escaping into the next level.

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