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Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: This walkthrough of Descent into Danger will help you make it through this enemy-packed level, which also includes a number of rails along which you'll need to slide and climb. You'll also need to avoid some fiery skulls, which your enemies will send hurtling toward you. When you've made it to the end, you'll move on to the next level, A Ghastly Voyage.

Begin this level by moving forward, and balancing along the narrow pathway leading ahead. Move across the platform ahead, then use the railing on the under part of the next platform to sneak around to the end. You'll have to wait for the guard to turn his back, then quickly hop up and take him out, if you want the coins and clues here. Repeat the process with the next platforms, dispatching another guard to gran his stuff. Then move on, hopping across the wide area ahead, avoiding the flaming skulls that fly at you along the way. Take out their source, then continue, up the railing ahead.

Move along the arm of the statue, then swing along the series of branches ahead. On the far platform, gather up the items, then make your way forward. There are coins and clues galore in your path here, so be sure not to miss any. Watch out for a few more guards with searchlights up ahead. Take them out, then climb up the railing, and hop along the small platforms, gathering clues. If you fall, you'll just have to retrace your steps, climbing back up to the upper area. At the end of this section, you'll find a narrow ledge you can sneak along, waiting for the lasers ahead to move out of your path. The next large room is filled with wobbly platforms, and a tone of searchlights. There's also another fiery skull creature at the end of the room. Beyond that, head down the tunnel, using the tiny platforms to avoid the water. Take out another guard up ahead, then slide down the rail up ahead, to the platform where the safe, and a few more clues, await. Crack the safe, and learn the slow-motion technique, which will come in handy. Return to the railing, and slide all the way down, to the glowing light that leads to the next stage.

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