LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues is an action-adventure game based on LEGO Indiana Jones. It is based on Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom, The Last Crusade, and the Crystal Skull. It has 30 story mode levels and 30 treasure mode levels.

Story Mode LevelsEdit

Raiders of the Lost ArkEdit

Raven RescueEdit

This level is pretty easy once you figure out what to do. Try destroying as much stuff as you can. You will eventually be able to build a mirror and a pushing platform. Push the mirror to the other end of the platform, then lure Toht's laser to it. It will reflect the laser back at him and lose himself one heart.

Toht will start throwing dynamite. Remember to DODGE IT! Some brawlers will come and attack you, so have one player battle them and the other player destroy more stuff. You will build another mirror and pushing platform once you destroy the stuff you need to. Push the mirror to the opposite one, then go back to the first mirror and push it back to the right side. It will reflect at Toht again.

Once again, he will fling dynamite at you and send more brawlers at you. Just simply push each mirror back to the opposite side, and when Toht does the laser again, lure the laser towards the right mirror, and Toht will be burned. Now Toht will go to the ground. All you simply have to do is avoid his gunshots, and punch him. Simple!

Market MayhemEdit

Before you can actually play the level, you have to the high ledge near the closed door with an arrow pointing at it. Marion can grab a key and can use the key on the switch. The switch will open the doors.

Now, you'll have to battle these bandits. It's pretty simple, just keep hitting them till they die. When you defeat the bandits, remember to pick up a sword. Battle a couple more dudes with guns, and then some more dudes armed with guns will come in. Two of them are on camels. Use Indy's whip to take them off, and then hit them till defeat.

Battle the rest of the dudes and then more bandits, and two guys with guns will come. This time, these gunners are on high platforms. You simply have to use Indy's whip to pull the bottom of their platforms so they fall off. Then, defeat those gunners. Next, some bandits with black swords will approach you. You need a sword, because bandits with black swords can only defeated with swords.

The next two guys are up high were you cannot reach them. The way to get them is simple. If you look closely, their is a monkey holding akey up on a balcony. Find a banana and throw it to them. They will throw the key back at you. Use the key to rise a platform that you can use to reach the last two guys. Use the sword to defeat them, and your finished with this level.

Map Room MysteryEdit

To enter this level, follow the trail of studs until you find the arrow pointing at a ground door. Use Sallah to dig next to the Egyptian pharow and the head will open the trap door. Hop in and start the level.

When you get into the map room, destroy as much stuff as you can. In the back of the map, their is a pyramid with a whip puller on it. Pull it with Indy's whip and a golden pharoh statue will come out with a mirror reflection plate. You won't need that till later.

Next, have Sallah dig up a bunch of LEGO pieces. Build up them into a box that can go on a pushing platform. Then destroy the wall next to the pushing platfrom and it wall fall to many pieces. Build them up to have a bigger pushing object. Push it to the other end of the pushing platform. Climb up the ledges that are on the pushing statue and the high ledge. Jump up there and grab the torch.

Go back to the bug pile in the back, and the bugs will go away. Pull the switch back their so a floor will appear above the bug pile. Have Indy pick up the mirror reflector and place it on the labeled object up there. Go back to the giant block with righting and have Indy stand their and use the laser. Make it reflect all the way to the back. It will open a door and some pieces will fall. Build them up into a whip puller. Have Indy pull it and a stone will come out that you can jump up and pick up the key. Bring it to the switch and lower the stone. Have Indy now go on it and do the laser. It will open up a hole and jump in.

After the cutscene, Indy will with be Marion rather than Sallah. Go over and pick up a torch and bring it onto the labeled object on the right. The bugs will stay away from that area now. Then pick up another torch and stick it on the other side. It will let a spear come out, and bring it to the other side an throw it into the spear socket. Now pull the switch on that side which will let out a platform on the wall. Use Marion's super-jump to jump onto the platform and then jump and hold onto the spear. Destroy the box over their and rebuild it into ledges to climb pick up another spear and put it in the next spear socket. Use Marion to jump to the end which will pull the other statue to the side slightly. Have Indy jump up which will knock down the other statue and will open a hole in the wall. Go into the wall and escape.

After the ArkEdit

Before you get to the level, you have to ride two horses and do a long jump over the river and put the horses on the vehicle buttons. Once both are on, the gate will open and you can go past it. Simply go into the area.

Once you start the level, search the area for a car to ride. Use the car to run into all the other cars to destroy them. Find and destroy the first four cars.

Then, more cars will comes. Two of them are normal cars, while the others are trucks. Destroy the normal cars first. Then search the for a truck car that you can hop into. Go into it and find the trucks. Crash into them and destroy them.

Next, there will be two trucks, and two shooter cars. There is not really anything difficult to do in this part. Look for the rest and destroy them.

Now all you need to find is one giant truck, and it is harder then it looks. You have to hit the car really hard a couple of times until you can actually go into that truck and ride it. Now, you have to do a boss battle with the villain's car. Simply look for it and crash into it 5 times.

Belloq BattleEdit

To find this level, go to the dock next to the level "After the Ark". Pick up an the object and place it on the marked object. Indy can build a bunch of pieces now. Build those, and a boat will go near you. Now ride it over to the small island.

When you first start the level, you have to hide under a barrel so you can go through the electricity. Go left first. Use Marion's super jump to go high up above all the rocks and push down the box. It will become many pieces, and you can build them up into a pushing plate to push the cart into the lightning. It will reflect lightning at the monster and it will get injured.

To injure it again, go under a barrel and go to the right side. Use Marion's super jump to jump up to the balcony and pick up the box. Place it on the labeled wall. Then uses Indy's whip to pull down the three platforms near that wall. Jump all the way up and pick up the box. Place it next to the same wall. Then destroy the box next to the lightning monster and rebuild the pieces as a mirror that will reflect more lightning at the monster.

Now, go to the center of the island with the machine blocking the lightning. Have the two characters sit on the button and reflect the lightning, and the monster is destroyed (along with Belloq).

Temple of DoomEdit

Lao ChaseEdit

Before this level starts, you must find the way to enter it. Go to one of the neon signs and use Indy's whip to pull on it. Then use Willie to super-jump onto a balcony and pick up the orange whip puller that can now be picked up. Bring it over to the labeled button and place it their, and use the whip to pull it, opening the level's entryway.

The first bunch of cars you need to destroy are normal cars except with guns. Simply find them, and crash into them till they explode away.

The next cars that come you can have no problem with. Their is two man-hauled vehicles, two regular cars, and two cars with guns.

Now, it starts getting hard. Their are 4 motorcycles that you can destroy easily, but also three armored trucks that you need a man-hauled vehicle to destroy. First go around and find the man-hauled car. Then go in it, and you'll have the abity to throw bombs. Throw the bombs at the armored cars once, then the armor will be gone, and you can use a regular car to destroy them.

Now, there is a giant arored truck as a boss. You simply go into the man-hauled vehicle again and destroy its armor once, then hit the car again four times.

Monkey MischeifEdit

Before this level starts, you will be next to a river. Take the raft down river or simply swim until you get to a ladder and can climb up into a village. Go into the building with an arrow pointing at it and walk in to start the level.

Right as the level starts, their is broken gears next to a giant wooden one that Short Round can fix. A whip puller will come out, and use Indy to pull it out. It will cause water to flow and sprinkle over the ground and cause a banana tree to grow. Pick up a banana and throw it at the monkey on the next tree, and it will give up the stone it is holding and give it to you. Place the first stone on the throne.

The next stone is harder to find. Go find the torch (it is in the corner of the first gap in between walls that you see) and place it one the burning pot that will cause steam to rise that you can ride on. Jump up and have Indy swing across the whip puller to the other side of the gap. Have Indy push down the box and the characters down below can build it up into a platform that Indy can use a switch to rise. (Have Willie grab a banana first) Have the characters go up, and use Willie to super jump onto the ledge and climb next to the monkey, and throw a banana at him. He will give you the stone. But before returning it, knock down the ladder so Indy can get up their, then return it.

Go up the ladder that you recently knocked down and use Indy and jump into the cieling that is looking as it will fall apart. Fall through, then grab a sword and make the giant wall fall down. Grab the key and put it in the socket near it. It will make a hanged basket go down a line, but you do not need that till later. First break the piece of wall next to the switch so it reveals a vent. Have Short Round climb through, and he will come out next to the line from earlier. Have Short Round stay in the basket while someone else does the switch, so you can go to the other side and knock down the ladder so the others can come up. Use Indy's whip to pull the whip puller so a door will open. Pick up the shovel in the room that you can enter, and then go into the elephant stable and dig up the LEGO pieces. Build them intoa pusher that you can push open the gate and get on the elephant. Take it to the vehicle button, and that will open the gate. Go get a banana, and throw it to the monkey with the stone, throw the banana, get the stone, then return the stone to the throne.

Malice at the PalaceEdit

To get into this level, get an elephant and use the vehicle switch to open the doors and walk into the level. It's very easy.

When you start the level, you're gonna need to fight these six people in turbans. They do not need anything special to defeat, just kill them.

The next guys are three ones in turbans, and three ones with red turbands. Fight the ones with orange turbans first, then you have to find a way to get the ones in red turbans. You have to get some food from the table and throw it at them, which maddens them, so they come down to attack. They have swords, so after finishing them grab the sword.

Now, there are 6 red turban dudes, 2 black turban dudes, and a blue turban dude. Use the sword from earlier to defeat the red turban dudes, then get the black turban dudes by pulling the platform off with the whip, then killing them. After that, use a sword to defeat the blue turban dude.

Next, there is 3 red turban dudes, and 5 blue turban guys. Defeat them all, but you need a sword to kill the guys in blue turbans. Killing them all finished the level.

Temple TrantrumEdit

To get to this level, jump off the balcony into a cave. That's all.

When you play this level, you have to change to Willie and climb up the ladder, then do the super jump to the ledge and climb to the next platform. She can push the box over which will let out a bunch of LEGO pieces, that can be built into a ladder. Short Round can climb up and climb into the hatch, and appear in the tiny chamber. Short Round can use the switch to move the platform to the other side. Have Indy go up there and pull the whip puller to open up a platform, and do it on the two other platforms too. Hop over to the boss and punch him so he goes to the right side, and drops a key.

Now, you have to defeat the guys wearing white paint on their bodies and defeat them. Use their hats to signal the statue, and it will give you a rising platform. Go up their and grab the gear, and put it on the machine. The next one will be in the center, and use the key you got earlier on the switch, which will let up a machine that drops a gear. Take the gear to the machine, then go get the third one. Get the third one by climbing up a ladder and then using Indy's whip to swing across the gap to the other side, and then grab the gear and put it on the machine. Then have Short Round fix the machine and it will squirt fire at the boss.

Mola RampageEdit

To find this level, switch to the Mahajara and use the black sleep on that Thuggee next to the switch and use the switch. It will let up a platform and you can jump up, and then jump again to the bridge.

When you first start this level, grab a glass of water, and throw it at the voodoo monster's foot. Switch to Short Round and climb through the small hatch in the monster's foot. Once you get to the top, punch Mola Ram off and then the monster will fall down. Use Indy's whip to pull on the whip-puller on his arm and pull it off. Repeat this until all of the arms are gone.

Then, the monster will start blowing fire. Repeat the process again and when your finished, the monster will fall, but this time, rather then his arm having the whip puller, his head has it. Pull it off and the monster's head will be ripped off. Then, the monster is destroyed.

Last CrusadeEdit

Cornado CaperEdit

To get to this level, use Indy's whip to pull the wall in front of you so you can enter it, and be launched into the air. Then walk right over to the entrance.

As you start the boss battle, use Indy's whip to pull the box off the crane and falls off. Then destroy the yellow object next to that and rebuild the pieces. Then build the box's pieces into a shooting device. Then you can build a couple of pieces into two buttons, and press them, and water will be shot up into the ship, losing the boss a heart.

Now, go to the door with a whip puller on it, and then grab the curved tube. Place it down for a second, then build the green LEGO pieces into two placeholders. Put the curved tube in those placeholders. Then, use thw switch which will knock another heart off the boss.

Destroy the three things in front of the big pillar, and rebuild the pieces into a switch, and a green platform. Place the box that you can pick up on the green platform, then build all of the pieces into a machine and a switch. Use the switch to move the crane around towards the boss. Use Indy's whip to climb up, thenwhena t the top, hit the boss to finish him off.

Brunwald BlazeEdit

To get to this level, start swimming over to the ledge with a climbing ledge on it. Use Elsa's super jump to hang on to the ledge, and the platform will go down. Then climb up the platform up to the road. Walk over to the castle, and use Elsa's super jump to pull on the ledge, and then it will show a whip-puller. Pull it, and thenwalk into the castle barriors. Then go sit on the buttons and another whip-puller will come up. Pull it, and the moat's bridge will go down. Then go up and walk into the castle.

Once the level starts, you have to jump up and down in your chair until it breaks. Use Indy's whip to swing over the fire into the other side. Pick up water glasses and throw it at the fire so Henry Jones can go across. Then hit the knight armor so a pieces for a ledge will come. Build them, and then jump onto it. It will open a passage way. Turn into the other character, and pick up a sword as that character. Go through the passage to the other side and throw the sword at the rope, and then a curtain will open showing a switch. Use the switch, and the passage will stay open. Throw water at the fire surrounding the box, then pick up the box and put it on the green platform. Build the new pieces into a ladder, then climb the ladder and push the knight armor off. Rebuild the broken pieces into another armor, and then the third button will be occupied. Have the two characters press the buttons. It will reveal a secret passage, and escape through it.

Berlin BrawlEdit

After leaving the previous level, buy the bike outside the level and ride it over to the vehicle button. Open the gate and go through it. Then go into the door and start the level.

When the level starts, there will be six enemies to defeat. There are no special requirments to defeat them, like many others do.

This time, four normal enemies are here, but also with two enemy gunners. To defeat the gunners, tie them up with Indy's whip then hit them until they die. If you pick up their gun after they die, you do not have to do that.

Now, there is two enemy gunners, and four gunners on high platforms. First get the enemy gunners on normal ground, then go to either the right or left side to use Indy's whip on the whip-puller connected to the platform that the enemy is on. Pull off all four and kill them.

Cannon CanyonEdit


Trail and TerrorEdit


Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 1Edit

Hangar HavocEdit


Doom TownEdit


Cafe ChaosEdit


Motorcycle MayhemEdit


Crane TrainEdit


Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 2Edit

Peru Cell PurusalEdit


Tomb DoomEdit


Mac AttackEdit


Jungle RumbleEdit


Dovenchco DuelEdit