Pokemon Red versionEdit

Pokemon Red was one of two games that came out in 1996 in Japan. They were released in 1998 in North America. The difference between the Japanese and North American version is that while they have the same titles for Pokemon Red, in Japan it's Pokemon Green while in North America it's Pokemon Blue. In 2004, Nintendo made a handheld remake of these infamous games, Pokemon LeafGreen and Pokemon FireRed.


The game takes place in the Kanto region.  The main character wanders into the grass when suddenly Professor Oak stops them. They get a Pokemon from him, as well.  Their childhood rival also gets a Pokemon, as well. They choose it upon the type you chose. For example, if you choose Bulbasaur, they will choose Charmander since that type is strong against the main character's Pokemon. The main character goes on a journey to get all eight gym badges of the Kanto region.To get the Gym Badges, there is a building that is basically where you can get the gym badge. They have a Trainer who specializes in a certain type. You have to have a Pokemon that is strong against that type.  There are also some bumps on the road, as well. Team Rocket is an antagonist in the game who usually wants to take people's Pokemon and such. You also have to catch Pokemon so you can be the strongest and the best. When you get to the Elite Four, the Champion will be your childhood rival. Beat him and you'll be the champion.