"A Rocky Start" was the first job in Sunset Snake Eyes of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.  


Once you exit the van, climb up the pole to get over the fence. Jump down the collect the clues, then climb back and spire jump across the lights to get over the boulders. Take out the bulldog guard ahead. To your left is water filled with debris, which you can hop onto to find a couple more clues. After that, press on and you will come across the train car with floor lasers. First, grab the lone clue bottle on the slanted pole to the right, then sneak past the lasers. They are safe to walk on while flashing, but it also means they about to switch sectors.

Next, take out the jailbird guard, then jump up to the higher piece of land to take out the dalmatian guard. Next, jump down below the rock and behind a tipped-over car to collect a clue bottle. Continue on and take out the two bulldogs ahead and collect a couple more clues bottles by the edge. Don't forget about the three clues back by the fence. Carefully pass through the car crushing machine, then grab the lucky charm on the dangling car. Notice the overhead wire that stretches over to a pole next to the vault. Remember this location, as this is where you need to return after grabbing all clues.

Press on, and a pit bull guard will smash through the fence. Take him out, and smash the clue bottle safe to the left. Then approach the next fence and take out two more pit bulls that smash through it. Carefully pass through another car crushing machine, and collect the lone clue on the outside. Then pass through the wrecked train cars and avoid the floor lasers. Climb the pole and you will be at the end of this area. Take out the dalmatian and take the key. Before passing through, crack the clue bottle safe and collect three more by the small fence, then head back and crack the vault. After that, just come back to the end and enter Muggshot's Turf.



Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Walkthrough - World 2 - A Rocky Start - Platinum

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Walkthrough - World 2 - A Rocky Start - Platinum