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"A Stealthy Approach" was a job in Tide of Terror in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.  



At the beginning of the level, enter the nearby tunnel. Upon exiting, Bentley will call you on the binocucom and give you a little tutorial on climbing objects, such as ladders, with . After the conversation, before making your way to the other side of the gate, head over to the boat on the left and knock down the mast to get a couple of clues. To the right of the tunnel's exit are three small trees; climb on them, then use the rope () to climb up to the cliff and collect several more clues. Drop back down and head over to the ladder, then climb it and jump over the fence.

There are two spotlights here, move through the thorns without touching them. On top of the two statues are clues. Head through the archway and check in at the signal repeater. If you die anything after this checkpoint, you will respawn from this point. Head up the hill, then Bentley will contact you on binocucom again, after which head down the other side of the hill. On the log hanging off the edge of the waterfall are several more clues. Continue jumping through the waterfall to prevent yourself from being pushed off the edge. There are several rocks in the water of the second waterfall with clues on them. Use these rocks to go across without falling. Bentley will contact you again and give a short tutorial on swinging from hooks. Jump and hit  to swing on hooks. Use the hook to jump over the gate. You will then approach several water wheels up ahead. Jump over the water wheels, and make sure to keep moving to avoid falling.

After the first set of water wheels is a second set, though these have fence-like walls between each one. Stay on the wheel until the fence opens up, then jump through. Now on land, move forward avoiding the spotlights. You must travel through two sets before reaching the siren, which must be destroyed if the alarm is triggered. To the left of the alarm is a clue. After the gate is the vault. The rope over the next set of water wheels leads up to the spotlight towers. There are two clues on each tower; use the second rope to access the second tower. Jump over the water wheels to reach the treasure key, and use the key to open the gate, then you complete the mission.




Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Walkthrough - World 1 - A Stealthy Approach - Platinum