"High Class Heist" was a job in Tide of Terror of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.  


#1 - #2: You'll find these two bottles at the very beginning, right next to the red door that opens up for you.

#3: After you're finished running down the hallway, a clue is found to the right of the doorway, right before you enter the large open room with laser security.

#4- #6: Three clues are found on top of a platform to the right of the next room, by the water in the.

#7- #9: This time, head left for three easily missed bottles. They are found on the left side of the statue, on the lower level.

#10 - #11: A small clue safe sits next to the signal repeater.

#12- #15: Destroy the statues on both sides of the flaming skull for a total of four clues. These can easily be collected using Sly's cane.

#16: This will take some maneuvering on your part. The clue is behind the giant flaming skull in the room. To get it, you must double-jump to the other side of the wooden beam, and jump again after that to obtain it.

#17- #20: Two more safes lie ahead on the next bridge, where two belly walruses await you.

#21: After you dispose of the belly walruses, a clue will be resting against a round platform up ahead.

#22: While the sensors are spinning about, you should see a clue on top of one of the lily pads in the water.

#23 - #24: Use your thief abilities to sneak around the pole by the alarm for two bottles close to it.

#25 - #26: Up ahead, there should be some searchlights. Two bottles are seen here; be careful not to trigger the alarms!

#27 - #28: Even further ahead will be more bottles. Be mindful of the searchlights, as they will move back and forth even faster.

#29 - #30: You will find these last two bottles when you sneak around the last pole, at the end of the walkway.



Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Walkthrough - World 1 - High Class Heist - Platinum-0

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Walkthrough - World 1 - High Class Heist - Platinum-0