"Inside the Stronghold" was a job and hub level in Fire in the Sky of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. From
here, Sly Cooper can access any other job in this episode.  


Once you enter this area, just run up and grab onto the hook to swing onto the building, then climb to the top. You will spot the batch of rockets, which are locked down tight. You will need to collect two more treasure keys to unlock them.

To your right is the path leading to "Flaming Temple of Flame." To the left is a bridge leading to "The Unseen Foe." To the left of that mission is a path leading to "The King of the Hill." To access it, just jump across the chandelier between the gap.

After unlocking the fireworks, hit them to send them flying. They will break open the hatch on the roof, which will allow you to access the remainder of the hub. Jump down and just walk through the door. To the left is another batch of fireworks that you'll need to unlock in order to confront the Panda King. Collect three more keys from the remaining levels. To access "A Desperate Race," spire jump on the torch to your right and walk up on top of the cave, then knock out the ape guard below. From there, you can also access "Duel by the Dragon," by climbing a pipe ahead. To access "Rapid Fire Assault," get onto the small ledges of the rotating mechanism to get onto the bridge and take the guard (if you want).