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Sly Cooper and The Thieveus Raccoonus is a video game created by Sucker Punch Productions, published by Sony for the Playstation 2, and released in 2002.  It was the first game in one of the most popular video game series for the PS2 era.  Once the player opens a vault, a master thief sprint will unlock in that level, which forces the player to get to the end of the level before time runs out.  Once they do, on the Playstation 2 version, the designers commentary will unlock for that level, (this was removed in the Playstation 3 version).  There are 19 master thief sprints in the game, and several of them have tricks that you can use to go faster, or short cuts to make them much easier.  

Tide of Terror[]

A Stealthy Approach[]

Into the Machine[]

High Class Heist[]

The Fire Down Below[]

A Cunning Disguise[]

The Gunboat Graveyard[]

Sunset Snake Eyes[]

A Rocky Start[]

At the Dog Track[]

Boneyard Casino[]

Straight to the Heist[]

Back Alley Heist[]

Vicious Voodoo[]

The Dread Swamp Path[]

The Layer of the Beast[]

A Grave Undertaking[]

Descent Into Danger[]

Fire in the Sky[]

A Perilous Ascent[]

Flaming Temple of Flame[]

The Unseen Foe[]

Duel by the Dragon[]