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"Prowling the Grounds" was the main hub for Tide of Terror in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Since no


missions take place in this hub world, there isn't a walkthrough. Rather, this will be a simple explanation of the world.


To the south is "A Stealthy Approach." In the main area of the hub are the levels "Into the Machine," "High Class Heist," "The Fire Down Below" and "A Cunning Disguise."

After collecting three treasure keys, the generator can be destroyed, allowing access to "The Gunboat Graveyard" and "Treasure in the Depths."

To get access to Raleigh's storm machine, you must unlock a cannon, that way you can launch your way up there. After collecting all seven treasure keys, the cannon can be unlocked, allowing access to the final level "The Eye of the Storm."