How to Get Passed Level Three


You'll first be lead by Malachi to the Camopolitan Train Station (the only place left of Camopolitan). You'll have to keep walking right until you see a guy in a mysteriously dark hoodie. The way to set him apart from the others, he's holding a cigar. He'll then notice you and take off on top of the train. You'll have to climb on top, too. Keep chasing him on the train, but do not fall off. Once you reach the end of the train, you'll have to grab the key out of his pocket. The way to do this, make him slip on a banana peel. There are different banana peels scattered around the place, but there's only one that'll work. The oldest banana you see is the one he has to slip on. Once this is accomplished, he'll fall and your character will automatically grab the keys out of his pocket. He runs away and you'll have to wait for the next rain, which arrives in exactly 20 seconds. Hop on and ride your way towards Tamir. You'll be given a map by the train driver and you have to click on Tamir if you don't want to waste any of your time. Once you're there, go left until you see a small door. Go through and you'll be taken to a boss called Zurui. Once he's done with the dialogue, keep throwing water balloons at him. This'll eventually make him pass out. Once that happens, walk right to the door you came in through. You'll exit to find another boss by the name of Kuenai. He's stronger and harder to defeat. There's no really detailed way to explain how to stop him. Then you'll be on your way.